A Little Elf (by Hugh)

It was a beautiful day outside, birds were singing, flowers were blooming, and a little elf was . Now this elf was a peculiar elf , not in a bad way, he was just a little headstrong (at least that was what the village people would say). The elf preferred the word, outgoing.  He would […]


The Regan, our latest robot. The Regan is the fastest, smartest, and the amazenest. He has the money of Bill Gates. The brains of Einstien. And the speedynest of Usain Bolt. But now you must be thinking SirRegan here would cost Dillions of dollars, but he is only 14.63$. But that’s not all if you pay an extra 5.00$ […]

The Hex gun

Jack B Limited has released yet another new invention: the Hex Gun! This weapon is already being used in the army. It is blue and the size of a pistol, and it shoots blue, hexagon shaped lasers. It does little damage but has a fast reload and it goes through soldiers, so if the enemies […]


It was midnight and I was hungry, very very hungry. I slithered down the stairs like an African grass snake. I creep up to the fridge door and with the agility and speed of an Olympic gymnast I pounce on the fridge door and rip it open. I quickly scan the food in the fridge […]


I stare at him, I make him look at me, I make him see me and I see him try to turn away but I stop him. I let the tears fall from his face, it makes me smile. ‘He deserves this, he deserves this?’ I think to myself. 

Don’t wake the dragon!

I tiptoed past the sleeping dragon towards the treasure chest on the other side of the room. It was light green, and its eyes were closed. I tiptoed past it and opened the lid of the chest. It creaked and I froze. The dragon stirred in its sleep but didn’t wake up. I closed the […]