Hanging Off the Edge of a Building: Prologue

PROLOGUE, by Floyd Marsden


As I hang from the top of the hook suspended over the top of the building by my long, black coat, I think to myself ‘How the hell did I ever get myself into this mess?’.


And even in the whirling, howling, noisy wind I can hear the fabric of my coat ripping. I close my eyes, and wait for the fall. The fall to my death.

“Goodbye… “ I say. I try to say more but I am interrupted by a loud, terrifying snap. The coat has ripped completely. I start my great descent down to the concrete ground 300 feet below.

Screaming, I flail my arms and legs about; trying somehow to fly. To get out of this fate.


And the ground comes closer and closer until so close I can almost touch it and then… darkness–

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